Hi, I’m Rick Wickizer.  I am a Personal Leadership & Business Development Coach / Speaker.  My passion is to help restore vision & build dreams.  Whether your life has drifted off coarse or your business is struggling, I can help!  As your coach, I can help you reconnect to your core-values and refuel your passion.  It is your recast vision combined with a inspiring mission/purpose, where we can begin the rebuilding process.  Among the areas we cover in the rebuilding process,  either in a coaching session or workshop are;

  • Business/Life Planning (a blueprint for success)
  • Resource Management (time & money)
  • Operational Systems & Procedures
  • Team selection & team development
  • Crafting & delivering your marketing message
  • Uncovering & elimination of constraints (what’s stopping you?)
  • Maintaining & improving what you build

Here are 5 specific reasons you might want work with me:

  1. Experience – I have over 20 years of corporate & entrepreneurial experience.  I also have over 10 years coaching & speaking experience.
  2. Empathy – You may be struggling or overwhelmed.  I’ve been there too!  I understand many of  highs and lows you may be experiencing.
  3. Excellence – I am committed to providing you excellent coaching and principle-based consulting.  Excellence is guaranteed!
  4. Engaging – Through thought-provoking questioning, I can quickly tease out the core issues and uncover powerful solutions.
  5. Entrepreneurial – I am creative, unconventional & independently minded.  In many cases, the answers are hidden way outside “the box”.

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