Motivate and Inspire your team
through keynote presentations.


Motivate and Inspire

Do you need inspired teaching at your next event?

Most event planners are looking for a speaker that will inspire, motivate and be a catalyst for change within the organization.  I offer two keynote presentations that will deliver just that;

  • Secrets of a Master Builder is about building a business enterprise that will withstand the most certain storms that impact us.  Storms are a part of life and they hit with varying severity. Secrets of the Master Builder lays out the foundation and 4 cornerstones essential to build a solid business and lifestyle that is able to withstand the storms that will surely come.
  • Business at the speed of love is about the power of love in the marketplace.  Love fosters connection, collaboration and builds lasting bonds of unity that far outperform the models of greed and competition. Business thrives in an environment of trust, charity and collaborative intention. Imagine if we could tap the energy of love in our sales interactions, team meetings and the way we market our products & services?  The impact would be profound.

Rick Speaks

When I am in front of an audience, I am definitely in my passion-zone, fulfilling a deep life purpose…to impact and inspire. I love to share life-changing ideas and watch faces light up as the seeds of transformation begin to take root.  When I share ideas before an audience, my intention is to inform, inspire and leave the audience with a renewed sense of focus and possibility.  In most cases, my presentations are structured to lay down principle-based content that facilitate personal & business transformation. At the conclusion, the audience will have an action-plan, with an accompanying “tool-box” to walk out the principles taught.

Secrets of a Master Builder

Building a business of purpose & profitability

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Businesses at the Speed of Love

Applying the power of love to business success

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Do you prefer a particular sized audience?2018-11-01T14:03:42-07:00

I am happy to speak to 10, 100, 1000 or more!

What are the time lengths of your speaking engagements?2020-04-10T12:27:36-07:00

They vary.  Most presentations can be modified to accommodate any time slot or conference schedule .  I have presented for as short as 15-20 minutes and up to 90 minutes.

Do you offer workshops or breakout sessions as a part of your speaking package?2018-11-01T13:59:16-07:00

Yes, absolutely! We can negotiate whatever speaking package that fits your organizational needs.  I can also offer coaching packages for key players within the organization as a part of the package.

What is your speaking fee?2020-05-29T14:17:32-07:00

Speaking fees vary, depending on the event budget, travel requirements and the speaking package requested.  A price range to consider would be $2,500 – $5,000 for a 45 – 60 minute keynote presentation.  Breakout session presentations are usually priced less.  Don’t let cost prevent us from talking. I am willing to negotiate a package that will work for your budget, especially if my calendar is light.

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