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What does your business need to grow to the next level?  What do you need?

The key part of this question is to be clear what the next level is.  A successful business owner needs to have a vision that carries them (and their business) into the next year and beyond. Once the vision is clear and focused, realizing that vision requires concentrated intention and sustained momentum to reach the next level.  This is where coaching can help. As your coach, I can can help you define a clear vision that is compelling, even inspiring.  Then we can develop a plan of action and implement the strategies we co-create. Blind spots, setbacks and breakthroughs are all part of the coaching journey.

What you will likely receive from a coaching relationship:

Coaching is client-centered and client-directed conversation, where the coach honors your stated desired outcome. It is our sacred privilege to work with you to achieve those chosen outcomes.  Coaching is process, where you do most of the “heavy lifting” where you are in the seat of creation where you will be held accountable to DO what you are committed to accomplishing. As your coach I can offer you offer tools, insight and hold a space for co-creative work.  In our coaching sessions, we can touch upon many of the following areas:

  • Business planning & purpose
  • Target marketing & marketing strategies
  • Business finance & cash-flow strategies
  • Strengths  & talent development
  • Time management
  • Succession planning
  • Launching a new business

All coaching package include the following:

  • 45 – 60  minute coaching session each week
  • A limited number of “micro-coaching” sessions via phone or e-mail
  • Discounts on Rick’s Seminars, Workshops & Webinars
  • Free CVI (Core Values Index) assessment to determine core values and innate personal nature
  • Free Strength Finders assessment to determine your core set of strengths
90 Day Transformational

90-day Transformational

A lot of work can be achieved in 90-days.  3-months is necessary to determine a focus and to do enough work to create momentum. If more time is desired, we can re-contract to extend our coaching period, whether it be another 90-days or a shorter period.

30 Day Impactful

30-day Impactful

Often a “tune-up” is all that is needed. Perhaps a business or personal issue has emerged, needing to be addressed. The 30-day package is designed to focus on a single or very limited number of issues.  We assess the core of the issue and then go to work on it decisively.

2 Hour Coaching Session

2 hour Power Session

At times, we become “stuck”, needing some help seeing a blind spot or finding a solution. Sometimes a brief strategy or brainstorming session is all that is needed.

Assessments I Use

I use two assessments primarily; The Core Values Index (CVI) and Strength Finders:

Core Values Index – The CVI is the most reliable assessment on the market with over 97% retest accuracy.  It measures our core innate traits and abilities and then helps us to access our core abilities strategically.

Receive your free Core Value Index
Strength Finders – Strength Finders uncovers a persons key strengths and how to best apply them. The technology was formed by Gallup, using the massive data and research they’ve collected over the years.

Receive your Strength Finders Assessment
How much does business coaching cost?2020-04-10T12:59:06-07:00

Business coaching is an investment in the success of your business and is often a tax-deductible expense. I charge ~ $500 per month for a 30-day coaching period and reduce my fees for longer term contracts.  If cost is an issue, let’s talk.  I can be flexible with my fees, to accommodate your specific financial situation.

What makes you different from other coaches?2020-04-10T13:12:11-07:00

I coach entrepreneurs and professionals. Having a focused niche, combined with years of entrepreneurial experience, allows me to relate well with business owners with skill and insight. Having been trained by two reputable ICF certified coaching schools and earning my ACC credential further sets me apart.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?2020-05-29T13:52:22-07:00

Coaching is a collaborative process of exploration and discovery that takes place in the context of a conversation. Often within a coaching conversation, there are powerful questions, action planning and accountability. A coaching conversation is client-centered. A consultant enters a situation as “the expert” and often dictates the actions a person should take. Consulting is most often centered around the consultants expertise.  Sometimes a coach will impart their expertise and take a more consultive posture, but will usually make note of the shift in position.

How can coaching help me?2020-05-29T13:59:03-07:00

Business coaching can benefit any entrepreneur or professional.  Perhaps you are in crisis, hanging on to what little hope you have left.  Maybe you and your business are stuck on a performance plateau, with stagnant growth and profitability.  It may be that you and your business are doing well, but you want to grow to another level.  Coaching can help!  Here are a few specific areas coaching can help you;

  • Exploring a new market direction.
  • Helping the business owner manage time and resources better.
  • Helping to scale the business toward greater growth.
  • Helping devise a powerful business & marketing plan.
  • Succession planning.
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