The Core Values Index (CVI) is used by thousands of companies, organizations, and groups around the world.  The CVI is the most accurate and most complete of any assessment of its type, with over 97% retake accuracy.   The CVI is quick and easy to complete…it will take less than 10 minutes of your time.  Once you complete the assessment, we will instantly tabulate the results and issue you a compelling report that will give you insight concerning your unique combination of core values and clarity on your hard-wired identity

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Strength Finders is supported by decades of research conducted buy the Gallup organization. Strength Finders measures 34 natural talents and abilities innate in each of us. Once we know what your dominant strengths are, we can work on how best to maximize your talents and potential.

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SIMPLE BUSINESS PLANNING – This is a one-page outline of a simple one page business plan.

BUILDING A REFERRAL BASED BUSINESS – How do you build referral driven business growth?  Here’s how.

SMALL BUSINESS CHECK-UP – This will provide a quick check up of how your business is doing.

21 POWERFUL QUESTIONS TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS – The power of a question is in the inquiry. Here are 18 powerful questions.

10 ACTIONS TO HELP YOU THRIVE IN ANY ECONOMY – These 10 actions, if applied will certainly strengthen your business.

WHEEL OF LIFE – Is your life in proper balance?  – This tool will help you see if you need re-balancing.

EFFECTIVE GOAL SETTING – There is an effective approach to goal setting. This document shows how.

TIME MANAGEMENT MATRIX – This matrix shows the four quadrants we spend most of our time in and how to spend time more effectively.

BUSINESS BUILDING INDICATOR –  Is your business healthy?  This tool will provide an indicator of how you are doing.


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