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  • Have you lost your passion?
  • Profits below expectation?
  • Business running you?

As entrepreneurs, we launch our business with vision, passion and optimism. We envision earning healthy profits and making some type of impact in the marketplace.  Sadly, all too often the vision, passion, optimism and profits fade and we end up burnt out in the process.  This is where professional coaching can help!

More About Coaching
Business Training by Rick Wickizer
  • Moving out of your “strength-zone”?
  • Your toolbox light and ineffective?
  • Skills out of date and irrelevant?

An entrepreneur needs to pursue knowledge that supports business success.  More importantly, a successful business owner who practices continuous and never-ending improvement (CANI) will nearly always outperform one who lags in self-development. Seminars and workshops will provide business-building tools and help develop your personal strengths.

More About Training
  • Does your team lack inspiration?
  • Does your event need an “AHA”?
  • Do you need to create a shift?

Keynotes or more formal presentations offer the opportunity to inspire, move and motivate an audience.  A shared breakthrough can be very powerful, especially when it is followed up with training and coaching.  The best results come from presentations that are customized to the specific audience. I speak to the group with a heart tuned to the one.

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Why Work with Rick?

Rick Wickizer Business CoachHi, I’m Rick Wickizer and I help Professionals and Entrepreneurs build a stronger “triple bottom-line” (Purpose – Passion – Profits).  If you have an opportunity to work with me, here’s what you can expect to receive;

  • Clarity on your personality strengths and core values.
  • Refinement of your business plan so you clearly know where you are heading.
  • Rekindling of your vision and ensuing passion.
  • A clear message to take to your target market and strategies to deliver it.
  • Creative brainstorming sessions to uncover the hidden brilliance that lies within.
  • Uncovering & elimination of business constraints (what’s stopping you).
  • Over a decade of experience as a coach and as a successful entrepreneur.

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