Rick Wickizer
Rick Wickizer


A thriving practice?  A purposeful business?  An amazing life?

I help building industry professionals design and build BIG visions


Effective personal leadership and a positive mindset:

As entrepreneurs and leaders, we can only go as far as our perceived limitations. We have the capacity to transcend our self-imposed barriers, provided we develop the right habits, eliminate self-limiting behaviors and become the director of our own mental stage.

A clear vision and a compelling purpose:

Everything worthwhile begins with a vision. The clearer and more detailed the vision, the more attractive it will be.  If your vision is completely aligned with your deep-seated purpose, any level of action will create the needed momentum toward its fulfillment.

Principle-based strategies and duplicatable systems:

A well designed strategy is like a detailed blueprint. If followed carefully, you will successfully build what the designer envisioned. Success is duplicatable and the systems we employ ensure consistent practice for ourself and for our teams.

SMART goals, decisive action and reliable accountability:

Nothing happens until we act. Our actions need to be prioritized with SMART goals and launched with focused and massive energy. Much like a rocket requires a massive amount of energy to simply leave the launching pad. To stay on track, consistent accountability will help.

Rick Wickizer, Building Industry Business Coach

I will help you see what you can’t see and create the vision that inspires you.

Coaching is about helping you see what you can’t see and helping you build that vision you create for yourself and for your business.

With over 10 years experience as an ICF certified business coach and over 30 years helping building industry professionals, I am uniquely qualifed to serve entrepreneurs and professionals that work in the building industry.

Building Industry Coaching


As your coach, I will ask powerful questions to uncover blind spots and hidden opportunities. Once we have a solid purpose and a clear vision, we then embark on a collaborative process to develop powerful strategies to strengthen your foundational business practices.

Business Training by Rick Wickizer


I offer live and webinar-based business growth training. Sales, market development, customer service, business development, leadership, and time management are but a few topics I cover. With training your business can flourish!

Keynote Speaker

Mastermind Groups

A well-organized and facilitated mastermind group can unleash breakthrough ideas and invite levels of synergistic collaboration not available else ware.  Our mastermind groups are limited to 5-10 individuals and are structured to help building industry professionals embrace “best practices” and help group members overcome individual challenges.

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