Is your bottom-line where you want it to be?

Do you have a definite purpose and a clear vision?

Without a compelling purpose and a clear vision, your business strategies will be out of alignment and you will struggle to succeed long-term. Your vision, mission and purpose make up the foundation that you can build business success upon.

Are you surrounded by the right people?

A profitable and successful business is rarely a solo venture. Partners, employees, vendors, consultants and many others can collaboratively add tremendous value to your business, if you allow them to serve in their highest capacity.

Is your business structured to return the highest profitability?

A simple formula for profitability is more revenue than expenses. There are ways to supercharge your revenue intake, while moderating expenses. Hint: add more value to all your stakeholders.

Rick Wickizer, Building Industry Business Coach

I can help build your bottom line(s)

I have over 30 years’ sales and marketing experience in the building industry, solving problems and growing sales.  I also have over 10 years’ experience as an ICF certified business coach. The combined building industry and coaching experience gives me the framework to support you in building your many bottom-lines. There are three ways I serve my clients:

Building Industry Coaching


As your coach, I will ask powerful questions to uncover blind spots and hidden opportunities. Once we have a solid purpose and a clear vision, we then embark on a collaborative process to develop powerful strategies to strengthen your foundational business practices.

Business Training by Rick Wickizer


I offer live and webinar-based business growth training. Sales, market development, customer service, business development, leadership, and time management are but a few topics I cover. With training your business can flourish!

Keynote Speaker

Mastermind Groups

A well-organized and facilitated mastermind group can unleash breakthrough ideas and invite levels of synergistic collaboration not available else ware.  Our mastermind groups are limited to 5-10 individuals and are structured to help building industry professionals embrace “best practices” and help group members overcome individual challenges.

My Gifts To You

10 pillars that support a multiple bottom-line business

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