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Unlock Transformative Business Ideas
Through The Power Of A Mastermind


The power of a mastermind group is in the collaboration among the group members. Most groups don’t perform optimally unless a qualified team leader is guiding the group.  Our mastermind groups are structured to create high levels of trust and repore among all members.  The facilitator will utilize a number of brainstorming and implementation strategies to create optimum synergies among the group.

Prior to each brainstorming session, you are invited to bring to the group a challenge you are facing that the group can support you with.  In most cases, someone in the group has faced a challenge similar to one that is shared and the entire group can benefit from the experience.


Each mastermind group is comprised of 5-10 members who meet virtually at least once per month. Often the relationships and connections formed within a mastermind group last well beyond the life of the group. Member of the group are encouraged to connect and collaborate outside of the group to achieve mutually beneficial endeavors.


Coaching is an integral part of the mastermind group.  During each group session, there is opportunities for a member to sit in the “coaching hot-seat” to explain a challenge they are facing and to receive support from the group and specific coaching from a certified coach within the group.

Is there a cost to be a part of the mastermind group?2022-10-24T13:26:08-07:00

Yes, but the cost is minimal. The cost is set to cover the administration of the group and we believe an investment shows a level of commitment to be an integral part of the group.

Where and how often does the mastermind group meet?2022-10-24T13:26:01-07:00

The mastermind group meets monthly for a 2-hour session. There are also intermediary “check-in” sessions scheduled. All mastermind groups meet virtually via Zoom.

What is the format of the mastermind group?2022-10-24T13:25:53-07:00

The initial mastermind group meeting begins with introductions of the members and a brief overview of how the group will be facilitated. Sometimes there will be “homework” or some reading assigned prior to the meeting.  There is often a speaker or a presentation on a relevant business-building topic. The last part of the meeting is reserved for problem-solving or specific coaching.

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