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Why invest in seminars and workshops?

The most impactful investment we can make is the one we make in ourselves.  As entrepreneurs and professionals, we need to remain on the cutting-edge of change, which requires regular training.  Knowledge is not only power but it opens up our vision to see circumstances more clearly. Many professionals enter into business knowing their craft well, but often lack the business skills to run a business successfully.  Only 20% of business will last beyond 5 years.  Knowledge gained from a business seminar could provide the necessary knowledge to avoid the common pitfalls that can take a business down.

Webinars & Workshops

Each training session is designed to educate and are very interactive.  More importantly, they are designed to equip and empower the entrepreneur and professional to make an immediate impact upon the business and their personal life. Graduates of each training session will leave inspired, empowered with a toolbox full of strategies to move their business initiatives forward.

Time Management secrets for busy people:

We can’t add more hours to our day, but we can improve the way we manage our time.  The key is not to try to stuff more productivity into a day (that leads to burn-out), but to prioritize what is worth doing.  When we do what is most important, in an efficient manner, we accomplish more and leave adequate “margin” in our lives.

Getting to “yes” (open heart selling that opens wallets):

Today’s selling systems are outdated and they don’t work.  The key to selling anything, including yourself is to first create a meaningful connection with your potential customer and then establish trust and credibility.  Successful marketing is similar. We must connect with our target market to build trust and credibility.

Developing a focused business plan & marketing strategy:

Navigating a business without a business & marketing plan is like navigating a ship without a rudder… it will likely end up on the rocks!  At the conclusion of this workshop, you will have a business & marketing plan that will help you navigate your business through the most severe business circumstances.

Operating within your Core-Values & Strengths:

When we operate within our “strength-zone”, in alignment with our Core-values, we operate with greater power and passion.   In this workshop, we breakdown two powerful assessments; Core Values Index (CVI) and Gallup Strength Finders.  You will find the information revelatory and supportive to how you run your business and your life.

When are the workshops scheduled?2020-04-10T12:39:34-07:00

I promote live workshops in Portland, OR / SW Washington region.  The dates and times of  each event will be posted on this website and noted in my newsletters.

Do you offer your workshops on line?2020-04-10T12:44:18-07:00

At present, I do not offer on-line workshops.  I prefer the interpersonal nature of live, face-to-face training.  However, I am exploring an on-line format to use to increase the outreach.

How much do your workshops cost?2020-04-10T12:51:37-07:00

The cost varies depending on the venue, refreshments and length of the workshop. If the workshop is self-sponsored, the cost will range from $39 -$99 per person. If the workshop is part of a corporate event, the cost is always negotiated.

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