We have all been approached, manipulated, pitched, cajoled, interrupted and irritated by salespeople, who reek of  “commission breath”.  It’s awful!  What most sales trainers teach today, no longer work.  The inauthentic rapport-building, the probing, the presentation of benefits, the proof-statements, the trial closing and closing steps are ineffective in today’s information-rich, sophisticated marketplace.

What is the first thing you do when approached by a “salesperson”?  You immediately put up your defenses.  Why, because you know that the typical salesperson has his/her own interest in mind, which is to walk away with a sale and it’s accompanying commission.  You know that if you drop your defenses, you open yourself up to the salesperson’s skill and manipulation, which will lead you into owning something you do not want or need.

A better way to approach a “sales” situation is to take an authentic posture, having passion for what you are offering and a desire to serve. When you interact with a potential client, take a genuine interest in their, hopes, passions and fears in order to really understand them.  Ask questions, learn about them, learn what’s important to them. When you understand a person, you can then effectively serve them and even inspire them.

How do you inspire?  You have to get to the heart.  To arrive at someone’s heart, you must establish a significant bond of trust.  How do you establish trust?  You must be authentic, have integrity and be willing to open up your own heart.  Heart to heart, that is where true influence occurs.  To inspire, you must learn what moves a person.  When it shows up, you can see it in their eye and hear it in their voice.

What are some things that will typically inspire an individual?

  • The desire to leave a legacy
  • The desire to make a significant contribution
  • The fulfillment of a dream
  • The fulfillment of human potential
  • Beauty
  • Excellence
  • Displays of human compassion
  • A solution to human suffering

As you endeavor to inspire another, be aware that as you are given permission to enter into the others “heart zone”, you are given a sacred trust.  Honor that trust by truly serving and benefiting the other with the goods and services you wish to promote.