How do you get what you want?  The simple formula has been around for thousands of years; “Ask and you shall receive”.  If you don’t have what you want, you probably are not asking for it or you are not asking intelligently.  If you don’t have enough business, are you asking for it?  If you are not getting referrals, are you asking for them?  Are you stuck, not knowing what to do, are you asking someone who has the answer?  If you are having trouble asking, here are a few suggestions:

ASK until you receive the answer or outcome you want:

You must be persistent and consistent if you are to receive what you want.  Why do most children get what they want?  They keep on asking until you relent.  Often times you won’t receive the answer you want, so ask again but a little differently or ask another person who may offer a better response (children are good at this too).  In sales, only 2% of the people asked on the 1st request will buy.  Another 3% will buy on the 2nd request, add 5% on the 3rd, 10% on the 4th and 80% will buy on the 5th to 12th request.

ASK how you may help first:

A smarter way to ask is to give first.  It creates a bond of obligation and a foundation of reciprocity.  It is important that you be sincere and authentic as you give, or it will be viewed as manipulative.  The book “The Go-Giver” points out, that those that give the most, receive the most.  The “law of the harvest” states that you reap what you sow.  Sow a few seeds of contribution and you will have earned the right to ask for what you want.

ASK concisely:

If you want something specific, you need to be specific in your request.  If you ask someone for money and they give you a penny, didn’t they fulfill your spoken request?  Include in your request, the quantities, time frame, specifications and conditions.  If there is a reciprocal arrangement, be specific in what they will receive in terms of what is important to them.

ASK yourself:

Do you need powerful answers?, then ask yourself powerful questions.  By simply asking yourself a question, you activate the “solution center” of your brain and it goes to work.  The best way to ask powerfully is to first accurately define the problem and then ask yourself how to solve it.  Try this; ask yourself ” how can I earn more revenue?”  Now with pen in hand, write down everything that comes to mind (no editing or critical judgment allowed at this time).  You will likely find a few implementable “gems” from this exercise.

If you are not asking, consider why.  Perhaps you are afraid of the answer. Perhaps you feel unworthy to receive what you want.  In either case, you need to overcome those fears and take a few risks.  Ask yourself, “what am I afraid of” and listen.  You will receive answers.