IntentionWithout intention, we drift through life rudderless and without power. The current of circumstance, carry us down unintended paths, often leading to stagnant waters or even worse, we drop into the raging rapids of uncertainty.

When we operate with intention, we are fully awake and fully engaged in the navigation of our mind and heart.  Energy follows heart.  The moment we align our intention correctly, provided we are in harmony with our core values, we can begin to profoundly impact our environment. Most people sleepwalk through life, rarely conscious of the pull of the conditioned mind.  We fall into situations we have little control over and we wonder why we repeat the same habit patterns again and again.  We wonder why we are left feeling unfulfilled.

We need to wake up!  We need to be conscious. Consciousness implies we are attuned to the present moment, aware of the thought patterns that drive us. Like water that seeks the path of least resistance, the path of our life will follow similarly unless we channel it with focused intention.  We need to weed out the “Gremlins” that invade our mind, whispering lies that disempower us.

To facilitate an awakening that will activate powerful intention, here are three keys that will unlock the door to personal freedom and enhanced power:

  1. Learn to recognize the voice of the ego, our false-self. The ego’s voice is usually critical of self and of others.  It continually yearns for more, because it is never satisfied.  This part of us is never at peace. Whenever we feel an inner-disturbance, it is usually the ego acting up.  To quiet the ego, just be aware of it and observe it with curiosity, without judgment.  As darkness cannot exist in light… the ego cannot thrive in awareness.
  1. Be at choice. Exercise the power of your intention… put it out there.  Ask yourself “what do I really want?” and then devise a plan to realize it.  The path may be difficult, with detours along the way, but if you move forward with intention that is fueled with passion, you will most likely reach your chosen destination.
  1. Enjoy the journey. We so often get caught up in striving and never arriving.  Too often, we achieve or receive what is thought to bring contentment and we’re left unfulfilled. By focusing on the outcome at the expense of the process, we miss the joy of truly experiencing the journey.  Life is lived NOW.  We must cherish every moment for the immense possibility it holds for us.

We can choose how we navigate our life’s journey.  We can choose how we experience every moment.  The key is to activate our intention so that we break free of the hypnotizing influence of our individual and collective egos. Once free, we can begin to experience life the way we were created to.