Nike popularized the slogan “Just Do It” in 1988, becoming ubiquitous in our culture. One of Nike’s first ad campaigns featured an 80-year-old marathon runner who ran 17 miles every morning. We see an ad like that and ask ourselves, why can’t I just do it? We often embrace the Just Do It philosophy as a driving force behind our self-discipline, and when we fall short, we feel a great sense of failure.

I don’t think that is what “Just Do It” means. A more powerful interpretation is just doing what aligns entirely with who you are. Just do that, what brings you joy and brings you contentment. Do the things that matter most to you. Don’t do what you feel pressured to do. Don’t do those things the popular culture says you need to do (unless you really want to do it). Have the courage to rise above the mediocre fray of the masses and follow what causes your soul to swell with passion.

Do you want to start your own business? Just do it.
Do you want to champion a powerful cause in the world? Just do it.
Do you want to break free of disempowering beliefs and habits? Just do it. Do you want to get off the unfulfilling materialistic treadmill? Just do it.

All it takes is intention, action, and, most often, collaborative support from others. Most who

“Just Do It” successfully; don’t do it alone.