The COVID-19 virus has created an immense impact on the world; physically, emotionally and economically. Its impact will be felt for years. Yet, there is another virus that is even more insidious and potentially more destructive… the virus of the mind.

This mind virus spreads rapidly through media outlets (TV, radio, social media, etc.) and like COVID-19, it invades healthy elements of truth by pretending to be true, and once it finds a suitable host, it grows throughout the mind, creating toxic thoughts, fearful emotions, and angry behavior. Given time, the mind virus will fully infect the host who will be very contagious as they share the toxic ideas to others. The potential outcomes of viruses of this type are divisiveness, irrational behavior, even violence.

These mind viruses, like the biological viruses have one purpose and one purpose only… to replicate and to multiply. Viruses don’t care about the host as long as the host is spreading the virus. In many cases, the host becomes so toxic and ill, they cannot fully function. The potential symptoms of a mental virus are anxiety, FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), anger, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, strained relationships and many other manifestations. In extreme cases, self-medication is often used to dull the impact of mental viruses, with detrimental long-term outcomes.

Today we see a great number of mind viruses at play, dividing our Country left & right. Trust is diminishing as well as hope for an optimistic future. We need an anti-virus for these mind invaders!

To protect ourselves from mind viruses, we can do the following:

  1. Social Distancing – Try to avoid sources and sites that are highly biased and have an agenda. If the content seems to be spun to incite emotion (Anger, Fear, Self-Righteousness or Anxiety) be on alert. It is likely a source of a mind virus.
  2. Protective Filter – We need to have very effective filters that allow truth to enter and keep the lies of the virus from entering our mind. The best filter is to ask “is this really the truth?… Can I know for a CERTAINTY, that this is the truth?” If you cannot answer in the affirmative, it may be a mind virus.
  3. Maintain a healthy diet –  A healthy diet of fact-checked data that is based in solid FACT is critical. Be aware, in the vacuum of uncertainty, there is a temptation to fill the void with junk science and fake news. It is better to feast our hearts and minds on that which uplifts, edifies and contributes to a healthy mental state.
Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said; “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” That is very true! Most of what we fear, never manifests. Yet, it is the energy of fear, often delivered by a mind-virus that creates most of the damage.