Do you have feelings of self-doubt? Are you constantly pushing yourself harder in order to “be good enough”? Are you sensitive to criticism and become defensive when you feel challenged? If you answered “no” to all of these questions, you either have very healthy self-esteem or you are in denial.

The vast majority of us have an “inner-gremlin” that is constantly stirring up self-doubt. Our gremlin will usually whisper into our sub-conscience things like; “you don’t measure up”, “You can’t accomplish that”, “quit now, it’s not worth it… you’re not worth it” and many more statements about not being good or good enough. Our Gremlin likes to hide in our sub-conscience unnoticed and draw from our childhood memories of self-doubt.  We often mask our hurtful childhood memories while the immature interpretation of that pain lingers in our sub-conscience.

There are two strategies to disempower the defeating voices of our gremlin.  First is to simply notice and acknowledge the gremlin. Notice the lies the gremlin is trying to pass off as truth and then sit quietly and ask yourself this question: “What IS the truth”?  Notice what the voice of truth is speaking to you.  What is truth saying about your identity, your worth and your capability?  You will likely notice a gulf that separates the lies of the inner-gremlin and the voice of truth.  Embrace the truth!

The second strategy is to take an inventory of your strengths and accomplishments (allow the voice of truth to speak freely here).  Here are a few questions to help create a powerful list:

  • When and in what ways have I endured physical pain?
  • When and in what ways have I endured mental/emotional pain?
  • When was I challenged and overcame?
  • What accomplishments am I most proud of?
  • In who’s life have I made a positive impact?

Now note your intentions to create an amazing future for yourself.  Here are a few questions to help write a compelling future:

  • In what ways have I been limiting myself?  What is really possible?
  • What do I really want to create for myself and my significant others?  What would that mean?
  • Why MUST I break-free of my self-doubt and manifest my powerful intentions?

Return to your personal possibility inventory often. Especially when you feel self-doubt creeping in.  Remember, most of us are greatly limiting ourselves and are capable of so much more.  We have the capacity to make a significant impact in our world if we so choose and truly believe in our innate abilities.