Have you ever been in a place where you struggled and strived to find an answer to a problem, only to run into dead-ends or weak solutions? Then later, when you were more relaxed, the answers suddenly manifested? That is your intuition working for you.


We are brilliant, resourceful and capable of more than we can imagine.  The problem is that we are usually not accessing our best “self”. You see, we as human beings operate on 3 separate levels at any given time; Our primitive self, our rational self and our intuitive self. We shift among these mindsets depending upon our situation and our intention. To provide a clearer delineation of the three, here is a breakdown:

  • Primitive Self:
    • Guided by the primitive limbic system or amygdala
    • Charged to protect from predators or danger (lions, bears, etc.)
    • Charged to provide for appetites (food, sex, anything stimulating)
    • Reactionary, impulsive and emotional 
  • Rational Self:
    • Guided by the evolved prefrontal cortex
    • Logical, rational and calculating
    • Developed by learning and experience
  • Intuitive Self:
    • Guided by the nuances of subtle energies of the Universe
    • Most available during periods of relaxation and stillness 
    • Catalyzed by love and service toward others
    • Often manifests as a “download” of immediate intelligence or knowledge


These three manifestations of self can be viewed as an evolutionary progression and we transcend our human limitations to the degree we move toward our intuitive self.  Studies have shown that those with higher intuitive personalities achieve 2-3 times more than those who lack intuition. The key is to be intentional about how we develop and use our intuition. Do you want to develop your own intuition?  Here are 3 things that will help:

  1. Quiet the mind.  Intuition is a “still small voice” that speaks often. We just cannot hear it with all the noise and mental interference. The best way to quiet the mind and be still is through meditation.
  2. Ask powerful questions, then listen. Intuition rarely works on cue, but often shows up when we least expect it, typically when we are off task and relaxed.  Once inspiration, intuition, a gut feeling or anything similar shows up, write it down.  Keeping a journal is a good idea because intuition is often validated days, weeks, even years after the inspiration is received.
  3. Get to know your intuitive voice. It takes practice and intention to develop a listening for intuition, but once you know how it shows up, you recognize it. Acting on intuition is also a powerful way to validate and hone our intuitive ear (or our heart, gut… wherever it shows up for you).


Our mind has unbelievable capacity.  Intuition is a key that will unlock the vast resources held back by our rational brain. When we operate with all 3 facets of our mental capacity engaged, we make better business decisions and better life choices. We will also be in harmony with life’s most powerful forces.