Have you ever started a project or a business venture only to find yourself swimming against a current of adversity?  That adversity may be flowing from inner core values that are pushing against your objective.  A personal example of pushing against a core value was at a time when I was involved in a business opportunity that required me to “sell” a particular investment that was not ideal for my clients.  Yes, there was money to be made, but only for a select few who invested early. My call reluctance was fueled by my values of service and generosity.  It was not long before I dropped the opportunity and found other ways to benefit my clients.


We all have a set of core values that when aligned with, move us toward our goals with effortless ease. When we act contrary to our values, we often experience resistance that can slow or even stop momentum. Another personal example to show the ease of flowing with our core values is shown in a business I own that requires a strong sales and marketing posture.  When I started the business, I was selling hard to grow market share just to survive. We grew rapidly. Then the business stagnated.  I was sacrificing my core values of service and support of others to a focus on sales and profit.  It was only when my focus shifted to an attitude of service over sales, that my business began to grow again.  When our work is aligned with our core values, we not only produce better results, we are more purposeful in what we do.


What are your core values?  Are they really your own or are they values placed by your upbringing or installed by the society you live in?  Ascertaining your own core values requires effort to contemplate and process what is really important to you. Begin by making a list of everything you value. Among my values are love, wisdom, truth, compassion, and rich experiences. Your list could have 10, 20, even 50 items on it.  The key is to narrow your list to no more than 5.  Those 5 are your core values that will act as your compass. When you are in alignment to your core values, life will seem effortless, purposeful and even more joyful.


If your business is struggling or if your life seems to be off track, evaluate your core values and make sure you are living in integrity to those values.  If you do so, you will experience a supportive flow that will move you toward inner peace and success.