“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, and has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you can be”

- Tom Landry


Coaching Approach:

As a Personal Leadership & Business Development Coach, I understand that most business executives can struggle from time to time with; an unfocused vision, an unclear mission, stagnant growth or declining profitability. Furthermore, a business executive will often become so mired in the day-to-day operations of their business that they can’t see the “forest behind the trees” to capture the vision of available opportunity.

My approach and intention is to help you leverage your strengths, recapture your vision and rekindle your passion around your business and your life. You are the expert in your life and in your business but there may be a few “blind spots” that a good coach can help you to uncover. I utilize a number of coaching tools and a series of “Master Builder Principles” to help initiate the changes necessary to restore profitability to your business and fulfillment in your life.


Potential outcomes you may receive from coaching:

1.  You recapture the vision of your business and clarify your mission.

2.  You develop operational strategies that optimize the performance of your company.

3.  Marketing efforts targeted and optimized leading to more business volume

4.  You shift your energies back to the areas of your strength.

5.  You are earning more profits!

6. You create life that truly inspires you.  Each day is filled with new possibility.

7. You discover what’s holding you back. You move towards your dreams more rapidly.

8. You are doing what you love and you begin to love life!


Common Questions:

  • How do I find the right coach for me?   –   That is a great question!   A coach can’t be all things to all people and coaches have specific niches that they excel at.  First find a coach that has expertise & experience in the area you seek coaching.  Next, schedule a consult to ensure there is a “good fit” between your and the prospective coach.
  • Do I seek a coach or consultant?  –  There is a difference between the two. A consultant approaches their clients as the “expert” in whatever field they specialize in and they impart information for the client to implement.  A coach approaches their clients differently.  It’s a collaborative process of exploration & discovery, where the desired outcomes are clarified and the path to success is clearly delineated.
  • What makes you unique to most coaches?  –  There are a lot of great coaches in the marketplace today.  I believe what make me unique (not necessarily better) than most coaches is my vast array of experience in both the corporate & private sector.  I have experience failure, success, despair & jubilation.  I have been there.  I also operate my own entrepreneurial venture, so most of my coaching has been field-tested.


Your investment in coaching:

Each coaching package* is customized to fit your specific needs, based upon your desired outcome.  Following the initial intake session, a proposal will be created for your review.  Our intention is to create a value rich coaching program that will support you in obtaining the outcomes you desire. Our contract terms run from 90-days to 1 year, depending on your needs and budget.

*Your Coaching Package includes the following:

  • 1 – 45 minute coaching session each week
  • A limited number of “micro-coaching” sessions via phone or e-mail
  • Discounts on Rick’s Seminars, Workshops & Webinars
  • Free CVI (Core Values Index) assessment