Lies we believe:

We are lied to continually, though it is a sad fact that the vast majority of the lies come from ourselves! More specifically, we are fed a constant stream of lies from our inner “Gremlin” or egoic nature. The lies sound like this; “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t do this”, “I’m not loveable”, “I’m going to fail”, most of which are fear-based. Our inner-Gremlin also lies about others; “that person does not like me”, “that person will hurt me somehow”, “that person is stupid/ugly/selfish…” It seems like our Gremlin is on a constant scavenger hunt, looking for any dirt it can present to diminish or demean ourselves or slander another. When we combine the lies fed to us from external sources with the lies from within, it is no wonder our life experience is filled with fear & burdensome baggage.

LiesThankfully, lies are easily dissolved. Lies lurk in dark obscurity, undetected and running in the background of our minds, much like malware on a computer. We can remove a lie by first detecting it and then shining the light of truth upon it.  The discovery of a lie begins by noticing its effect upon us; fear, tightness, stress, anxiety, divisiveness or judgment. When you feel these things, ask yourself “what are the lie(s) that I am believing?, “is it the truth?”, “can I be certain that this is the truth?”. Once we discern that we are holding onto a lie, we then ask, “what IS the truth?”  What may ensue is a brief struggle between light & dark, truth & deceit. Just relax and allow the Source of all truth to speak to the quiet center of your soul. The light of truth will ALWAYS dispel the darkness of a lie.

Like barnacles on a boat, lies can build up over time and will bog down our progress, even disable us. We must maintain a healthy psyche by regularly purging lies and instilling universal truth. Here are a few truths that I have installed into my life that have served to keep most of the lies at bay:

  • I am a divine expression of God’s love, capable of doing great & wonderful things.
  • Love will always prevail over fear.
  • Life is lived NOW, not in the past, nor in the future.
  • True happiness comes from inside, never from external things or situations.
  • My life has purpose, which is primarily to love and serve humanity.

One principle that will serve us as we cleanse ourselves from the lies we believe is; WHAT WE FOCUS ON, EXPANDS AND GAINS POWER IN OUR LIFE. Simply acknowledge the lie without fighting it. Rather, focus on the truth. Explore it, meditate upon it and then practice it regularly until it becomes a part of your psyche. We are taught to “take every thought captive” and to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. It requires intention. Yet if we remain vigilant and intentional in managing our thoughts, exorcizing the parasitic lies, we will experience miraculous power, encompassed in peace.