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Some people wake up and say “good morning God!” while others say “good god, morning”. I try to declare the former. One way I do this is to imagine during my morning prayer & meditation, God handing me a beautifully wrapped gift as He says to me “here is my gift to you, another day […]

Are you real?  Really, are you authentic? We are often told to “fake it until you make it”.  That is bad advice.  People can smell a “fake” a mile away.  What endears people to one another, what opens the heart is authenticity.  We want to interact with real people, not a “made up” version or […]

How do you get what you want?  The simple formula has been around for thousands of years; “Ask and you shall receive”.  If you don’t have what you want, you probably are not asking for it or you are not asking intelligently.  If you don’t have enough business, are you asking for it?  If you […]

Success! (Note:  I shared this with my 7 children last week, I though I would pass it on) Do you want to be successful? (I don’t define success in monetary terms…It’s loving what you do, doing what you love and being with those that you love). Success is also being in alignment with your core […]

“YOUR WORDS BECOME YOUR PROPHESY OF TOMORROW” This quote is so very true.  Be careful what you speak as it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.  What are you saying to yourself?  “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I won’t succeed at that”.  There is an unseen force that will grant you your “wish” or […]