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The sales (influence) process begins before you say your first word.  On average, people will make a judgment of you within the first 10 seconds of meeting you or experiencing your marketing materials.  Your first impression will either elevate or deflate your chances of making a sale so make sure it is positive! Harvesting a […]

Why do people buy from you?  Why don’t they? I have always learned that people buy based upon “need”, which was the premise of the course “Need Satisfaction Selling” I taught years ago.  Recently, I enrolled in a course called “Soft Selling” offered by Soho Marketing Institute.  It teaches that people buy primarily on “want’s” […]

BUILDING A REFERRAL BASED BUSINESS FOR MORE CLIENTS (Before you meet with your client) Step 1 – Select your target market: Select your market based upon who can pay you, who needs what you offer and whom you desire to work with.  Know your target market intimately. Step 2 – Compel them to call you: […]