Who Are You?

WHO-ARE-YOUWhat we accomplish in life and how we experience life in general is largely impacted by how we see ourselves.  When you look at your face staring back at you from the mirror, what do you see?  Do you see a person steeped in potential, ready to embrace life to the fullest?  Or do you see a person who is “not good enough”, fraught with weakness & limitations?  Unfortunately, most of us are demeaned by our inner-critic or “Gremlin”.  That incessant critical voice, whispering reasons why we fall short can be silenced.

The best way to silence this inner demon is to shine the light of truth on it.  Ask yourself or your higher power, is this really true about me?  Is there absolute proof?  What IS the truth?  Explore deeply what truths surface.  Here are just a few truths that might come up for as you probe the truth about who you really are as a human being:

  • You are a miracle, truly amazing in every way.
  • You are loveable, worthy of affection and kindness.
  • You are capable, with unlimited potential.
  • The only thing stopping you is YOU.

Another challenge to our true, authentic self is our EGO (Edging God Out).  This is the “mask” we wear that covers up our true Divine nature. This is not to say that we are gods as some of the New Age teachers profess, but to point to the Divinity that dwells everyone.  There is an untapped source of power in all of us that waits to be unleashed!

Embrace the true you!  Release the divine power within. Silence the lies whispered into your mind by your Gremlin.  Pursue the richness that life has to offer, in all its variety of color, light & dark.  LIVE!

Notes & News 

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