Some people wake up and say “good morning God!” while others say “good god, morning”. I try to declare the former.

One way I do this is to imagine during my morning prayer & meditation, God handing me a beautifully wrapped gift as He says to me “here is my gift to you, another day of possibility”. As I accept this gift from God, I feel gratitude for yet another day to live and to enjoy. I realize that what is inside the box, is different each day. Some times it is filled with opportunity, sometimes it contains struggle and heartache but the greatest and most precious part of the daily gifts from God is the freedom and potential each day offers.

Too often, we toss out of today’s box, the vast opportunity and potential the day offers and we fill it back with the same pain, the same complaints, the same resentment, the same fears and the same hopelessness we have put in our days of the past. Why do we do this? It is because it is familiar and as painful as it is, it is more comfortable than breaking free into a new world of possibility. We live in a self-imposed prison that is lined with the past and paddle locked by our fears. We need to cherish every day…every moment. Live now, in the “present” which is a “gift” from God.

My suggestion to you is to claim your gift from God every morning, and receive all that God has in store for you. You may not always appreciate or understand why He put a particular challenge into your day. If you wonder, ask Him…He might tell you and help you to use it for your growth and advantage. At the end of the day, share with God your day and give Him an accounting of how you used His gift. If you will do these two things; in the morning, accept joyfully Gods gift of a new day, and before you retire, report back to Him how you used His gift, profound change will occur in your life.

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