Quieting your “inner-gremlin”

Have you achieved all the outcomes you desire? Are you where you want to be at this stage in your life? If not, why not?

There is a pretty good chance, if you have fallen short, the reason is you are self-sabotaging. We all have an inner-critic, some call a “gremlin” that is constantly criticizing, complaining & guilt-tripping us to the point of defeat. We also have the voice of our inner-Divinity that is affirming, hopeful & open to all possibility. The gremlin is the voice of fear…the Divine-self is the voice of love. The problem is that the gremlin usually speaks first and speaks the loudest. Our inner-Divinity usually communicates in a quiet whisper.

The best way to subdue our gremlin is to simply notice him. Gremlins love to work under-cover and once discovered, their power is greatly diminished. When you hear the voice of your gremlin say something like “you’re not good enough”, just notice the comment, thank the gremlin for sharing and ask your Divine-self, “what is the truth?” It is important to quiet the body, mind & spirit so the truth can be whispered into your mind & heart. You will know the truth when in comes because it will resonate with your soul.

This is a very impactful teaching! The lies we believe hold us in bondage and it is only when the truth sets us free, we can begin to manifest our true potential.

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