Who is Rick Wickizer?

I am a person who has led a very full life; having experienced the fullness of success and the full brunt of failure. I sometimes say (with tongue-in cheek) that I have received my PHD from the School of Hard Knocks. It has been the deeper valleys of my life, combined with the mistakes I have made that have fostered my greatest growth and taught me my greatest lessons.

I am a life-long learner and place a very high value on learning and education. I also love to explore and experience the world in all its amazing facets, especially those areas beyond boundaries and conventional thought. I especially love the exploration that is part of a coaching conversation, where possibility unfolds and illuminating truths uncover inner brilliance.

Most people find me laid-back and easy to talk with. I have a quirky sense of humor (my children just say I’m dorky) but my outlook is generally optimistic. My approach to life is similar to my approach to coaching; curiosity followed by a lot of pointed inquiry.  In life, I have learned there is great power in a good question.

Together with my wife (and best-friend), we have 10 children and 16 grandchildren. When we aren’t spending time with family and friends, we love to travel, hike, race dragon boats and hang out on our property in SW Washington.

Rick’s core values and strengths:

  • Core Value Index (CVI):  Merchant (love energy), Innovator (wisdom energy).
  • Top 5 Strength Finders strengths:  Connectedness, Strategic, Relator, Learner, Achiever..
  • Integrity: Being completely honest with others and myself.  Acting in alignment with my inner-compass.
  • Truth: Cutting through bias and manipulation.  Seeing things as they really are, without embellishing with a “story”.
  • Contribution: Making a positive impact in the world and on the people I’m privileged to meet.  Being a light to cast out shadows of doubt.

What makes Rick qualified to coach or speak?

The coaching industry is currently unregulated, where anyone can call themselves a “Coach”. What makes me qualified to coach and speak is #1 my experience and #2 my training:


  • Over 15 years as a coach.
  • Currently involved in multiple entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Over 25 years experience in the corporate sector, building business.
  • Actively speaking for over 30 years (Toastmasters, seminars, events, etc.).


  • Trained and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), with an ACC credential.
  • Educated in the “Art & Science of Coaching” from Erickson College.
  • Earned Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certification from New Vibe Training.
  • Earned a double B.S. degree from the University of Oregon in Finance & Management.
  • Completed National Speakers Association (NSA) Speakers Academy.

What is Rick’s coaching philosophy?

I choose to coach rather than consult.  A coach takes the posture that the client is the expert and holds the keys to unlock their own pathway to success. A good coach will help unleash the inner brilliance of their client and uncover “blind-spots” that may be present.  Coaching is a side-by-side relationship, where a collaborative conversation ensues.  Consulting takes a top-down approach where expertise is rendered. I will sometimes take a consultive approach, but I will delineate when it happens.  I love the coaching model because it is outcome based.  Together, my clients and I determine what needs to get done and we work together to achieve it!

Let me share my key goals for 2020:

In the spirit of disclosure and transparency, I would like to share my 2020 ambitions and goals. By sharing them with you, I also feel more accountable to achieve them.

  1. Finish the qualification process to earn the ICF ACC credential (Completed):  I have put off earning my ACC credential, even though I have been a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) for many years and served as a board member for my local chapter. Why? I suppose I did not feel the need to go after it.  It’s a rigorous process and now that I have earned the credential, it helps solidify me as one who has put in the time, education and effort to be a coach.
  2. Finish my first book “Business at the Speed of Love”: I have had this book in me for several years but have not developed a writing discipline.  This is the year to finish the book!
  3. Develop some new workshops and launch a new mastermind group: Speaking is a large part of my outreach and my materials need to be updated.  I have always been a believer in collaboration and sharing of great ideas. A mastermind group of non-competing entrepreneurs is what I would like to build this year.
  4. Get back into “race shape” and compete in a 5-10K race: I have been an avid runner, competing in a number of marathons and 100 mile team races. Since my heart surgery late 2018, I have been working to get back to racing condition. It’s been a hard road, getting back in shape.
  5. Finish the landscaping of the living portion of our property: We built our new home on some forested property in SW Washington. The clearing around the house has been mainly mud, so we are working to transform the mud into an outdoor living space.

Memberships Rick Belongs to:

International Coaches Federation
National Speakers Association
Rotary International
Building Industry Association