Why do people buy from you?  Why don’t they?

I have always learned that people buy based upon “need”, which was the premise of the course “Need Satisfaction Selling” I taught years ago.  Recently, I enrolled in a course called “Soft Selling” offered by Soho Marketing Institute.  It teaches that people buy primarily on “want’s” and desires.  In fact, if a person wants something bad enough, they will sacrifice a need (ie. food, sleep etc.) in order to acquire the funds to buy what they want.

Based upon the focus of satisfying wants, we want to question and probe to uncover what our prospect wants.  In general you can assume that they want the following:

  • They want to look and feel important
  • They want to look and feel good
  • They want hope

Once you uncover what your prospect wants, then it is up to you to present your solution in a logical, compelling manner that lands on both the mind and heart of your prospect.  Emotion is the key. Selling is like dating; you need to make an emotional connection to the person in order to influence them.

Why would a person not want to buy from you?  Here are a few reasons (As covered in “Soft Selling”):

  • They don’t want what you have to offer
  • They don’t like or trust you
  • They feel they can’t meet the commitments required to buy or own the product or service.

The sales interaction is a sacred trust between you and your prospect.  It requires integrity, authenticity and a meaningful connection in order to properly influence a worthwhile decision.  It is a powerful re-frame to see yourself as a servant rather than a salesperson, as you offer powerful solutions and remedies to enrich the lives of others.

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