We are at the leading edge of a series of unprecedented storms.  Financial storms, political storms, cultural storms & environmental storms are all culminating to create the Perfect Storm. Businesses are being “blown away” and families are being destroyed from the severe buffetings of the economic face of this storm.  As the rest of the storms gather momentum, the destruction will escalate.

Now is not the time to burry our head in denial, nor is it wise to believe all that we hear from the media.  The long-term prognosis is not good. Most politicians, supported by the media are obscuring the dire position we are in, to prevent mass unrest.  So what should we do?

We can’t control the direction or severity of the storm, but we can control how we prepare and respond in the face of the storm.  If we prepare our inner foundation and strengthen the framework of the key fundamentals supporting our business, we stand a greater chance of survival.  Here are 10 things we can acquire to become better prepared for the oncoming storms:

#1 – GET A PURPOSE:  Why do you get up in the morning?  What is your purpose for living?  If you have not found your purpose, then your immediate goal should be to find purpose & meaning in your life.  Once you find it, tie your business objectives to that purpose.  Remember, the larger, more compelling your purpose, the more gravity & impact it will have.

#2 – GET A PLAN:  What sets the successful apart from those who don’t succeed?  The majority of those who succeed have a plan. Specifically, they have an up-to-date business plan that is concise and focused on the core elements of the business (Mission – Goals – Strategies – Systems – Marketing – Pro-forma financials).  A good business plan acts as the road map showing the way to reach the chosen destination.

#3 – GET REAL:  It is your authenticity that moves people.  People are drawn toward authenticity and repelled by false bravado.  The first step toward being more authentic is to be honest with yourself and come to know who you really are.  You are a composite of strength & vulnerability coming together to create a person of immeasurable worth and unlimited potential.

#4 – GET HELP:  We cannot excel at everything.  We all have strengths & weaknesses. Know what you excel at and focus your time and energy in that “strength zone”.  Enroll others to help in those areas of weakness.  Hire the support or delegate to others, those tasks that are “unprofitable” in relation to what your time is worth.

#5 – GET BETTER:  To get ahead, we always need to be improving.  Read informative & inspiring books, attend meaningful seminars & turn “drive time” into a learning opportunity by listening to audio programs.  Knowledge has a compounding effect; as we learn more and apply it, we pick up more growth momentum.

#6 – GET LEAN & LIQUID:  A ship setting out to stormy seas needs to ride higher on the water in order to prevent the crashing waves to sink it.  A business is no different.  During an economic storm, all unnecessary expenses need to be cut and cash accumulated in a liquid “emergency fund”. If there is burdensome debt, establish an aggressive debt liquidation strategy.  Sometimes survival depends on who can “weather the storm” the longest.

#7 – GET FOCUSED:  It takes adequate focus and energy to sustain momentum.  If we sense that we are losing ground, we need to determine if we are spreading our efforts out too thin for the resources we have in place. It may be best to return to the most profitable & impactful sectors of our business in order to regain momentum.

#8 – GET OFF YOUR ____:  Taking massive action is often the key to maneuvering through a storm.  Evaluate the current situation, determine a optimum coarse and then go!  Notice the results and make any necessary coarse adjustments along the way.  The worst thing we can do in a storm to sit and do nothing.  Do it & act decisively!

#9 – GET BALANCE:  When we become overwhelmed and overworked, we will soon burn out.  A healthy work/life balance is critical.  After all, why do we work but to create a better “life”?  Schedule protected time for personal renewal and relaxation.  As a sharp ax cuts more efficiently, a well-rested soul is much more productive.

#10 – GET WITH GOD:  Not to preach, but there are innumerable benefits to connecting to our “higher purpose” or to God.  When we make God our “Silent Partner” in our life and in our business, we can receive guidance and unseen support not available anywhere else.

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