The time has passed when you could survive in business being a “gatherer”.  Gatherers are those who wait for the business to come to them.  They advertise in the yellow pages, they build websites and then wait for the phone to ring or for customers to beat a path to their door.  When the economy was robust, the gatherer strategy worked.  Today, the gatherers are going hungry. There is very little business left waiting to be picked up easily as the “low hanging fruit” has been picked over.  The phone is not ringing anymore unless you make it ring.  Customers are not swarming to your door unless you entice them to come.

You need to be a “hunter”.  Hunters go out into the community (neighborhoods, market areas, worldwide web) to identify and attract the customers they want to serve.  Hunters are very specific as to who their target market is.  They know their targets habits, hopes and fears.  They know where they “hang out” and what will entice them to take action.  Once armed with the right market information, the hunter will then go out and strategically attract and persuade their target to take positive action to improve their lives with the product or service that is being offered.

The tools of the hunter are simple to use:

  • Marketing Campaigns fueled by large contact lists.
  • Websites that are strongly optimized for high web traffic.
  • Active networking where you initiate the contact and follow-up meeting.
  • Strategic Partnerships that help drive referrals.
  • Strong and consistent branding so your market recognizes you.
  • A conversion strategy that coverts prospects into long lasting customers.
  • Customer retention strategies that enable you to delight your customer base.

Be a hunter.  Not to prey on or to take advantage of, but to find, serve and delight.

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