Building a network of clients takes time and a lot of effort! Yet, the success of a referral-based business depends on a successful strategy to keep the pipeline of clients full.  Here is a method that works very well.

(Before you meet with your client)

Step 1 – Select your target market:

Select your market based upon who can pay you, who needs what you offer and whom you desire to work with.  Know your target market intimately.

Step 2 – Compel them to call you:

What is your unique value proposition?  What are the “pains” your market is experiencing? What is the most impactful way and channel to communicate your value to the market?

Step 3 – Give them a “taste” of what you have to offer and motivate them to meet with you:

Speak in terms of their need and what you can offer to satisfy that need.  Listen for the quality of their “yes”. If they won’t meet, determine if you want to stay in touch.

As you contact your target market or past clients, rate them A-B-C-D (focus on A’s & B’s);

A – People who have done business with you in the past

B – People who you have done business with or people who know you

C – People who you would like to get to know

D – People who you would rather not know or do business with (DROP THEM)

(During your meetings with your client)

Step 4 – Present your unique service offer:

What makes you unique?  How can you meet the key needs of your client?  Show how you can meet and even exceed your client’s expectations.

Step 5 – Deliver exceptional service and support:

Make sure they realize the excellent service they are receiving from you.  Highlight and quantify the value and the many benefits you are providing.

Step 6 – Celebrate the desired outcome:

Make the successful outcome a big deal! Throw a party, offer a gift, notify their friends to announce the victory, the purchase, the life-changing event.

(After you meet with your client)

Step 7 – Nurture a lifetime relationship:

Keep in touch systematically. Newsletters, Postcards, Greeting card or phone call.  It is the contact (touch) and the sincerity that counts.  ASK for referrals! Use “Power Words” such as “who is the next person you know who could benefit right now from…”

Thank you Rod Morasch (Morasch Real Estate Consulting, 360-904-2121) for sharing this material