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Some people wake up and say “good morning God!” while others say “good god, morning”. I try to declare the former. One way I do this is to imagine during my morning prayer & meditation, God handing me a beautifully wrapped gift as He says to me “here is my gift to you, another day […]

How do you get what you want?  The simple formula has been around for thousands of years; “Ask and you shall receive”.  If you don’t have what you want, you probably are not asking for it or you are not asking intelligently.  If you don’t have enough business, are you asking for it?  If you […]

Most New Years resolutions die a sudden death within 30 days of their birth.  Year after year, many of us attempt to shift the course of our life in January, only to fail. We thus give up and declare that “resolutions” don’t work.  Why is it so hard to change?   Why are my “bad habits” […]