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We are at the leading edge of a series of unprecedented storms.  Financial storms, political storms, cultural storms & environmental storms are all culminating to create the Perfect Storm. Businesses are being “blown away” and families are being destroyed from the severe buffetings of the economic face of this storm.  As the rest of the […]

Why do people buy from you?  Why don’t they? I have always learned that people buy based upon “need”, which was the premise of the course “Need Satisfaction Selling” I taught years ago.  Recently, I enrolled in a course called “Soft Selling” offered by Soho Marketing Institute.  It teaches that people buy primarily on “want’s” […]

We have all been approached, manipulated, pitched, cajoled, interrupted and irritated by salespeople, who reek of  “commission breath”.  It’s awful!  What most sales trainers teach today, no longer work.  The inauthentic rapport-building, the probing, the presentation of benefits, the proof-statements, the trial closing and closing steps are ineffective in today’s information-rich, sophisticated marketplace. What is […]

The time has passed when you could survive in business being a “gatherer”.  Gatherers are those who wait for the business to come to them.  They advertise in the yellow pages, they build websites and then wait for the phone to ring or for customers to beat a path to their door.  When the economy […]

One of the lessons I have to learn and re-learn is to remain focused.  In Golf it’s called “Keeping your eye on the ball”.  If you take your eye off the ball, you’ll likely miss-hit it off into the rough or at the very worst you miss the ball entirely and “whiff” it.  In business, […]