Speaking & Training

” The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said”

- Anonymous

Speaking experience & approach:

When I am in front of an audience, I am definitely in my passion-zone, fulfilling a deep life purpose…to impact and inspire. I love to share life changing ideas and watch faces light up as the seeds of transformation are planted. I have been addressing audiences for over 20 years, as a corporate trainer and recently as a professional speaker.  A Toastmaster for nearly 20 years, and a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) helps to keep my skills relevant and sharp.

When I share before an audience, my intention is to inform, inspire and to leave the audience with a renewed sense of focus, possibility and direction.  In most cases, my presentations are structured to lay down principle-based content, facilitate personal inquiry and conclude with an action-plan to walk out the principles.  Often, a “tool-box” of support will be made available including an opportunity to experience my coaching during a consult.



Secrets of the Master Builder:

– A conflagration of economic, cultural & political storms are impacting the business community.  Personal lives are being hit as well.  Secrets of the Master Builder identifies and details 4 critical cornerstones, essential in building or rebuilding a “storm-proof” business, relationship or a life of significance.  This material will move your foundation!

Time Management for busy people:

– We can’t add more hours to our day, but we can improve the way we manage our time.  The key is not to try to stuff more productivity into a day (that leads to burn-out), but to prioritize what is worth doing.  When we do what is most important, in an efficient manner, we accomplish more and leave adequate “margin” in our lives.

Getting to “yes” authentically:

–  Today’s selling systems are outdated and they don’t work.  The key to selling anything, including yourself is to first create a meaningful connection and then establish trust and credibility.  Successful marketing is similar, in that we must connect with our target market to build trust and credibility.

Developing a focused business & marketing plan:

– Navigating a business without a business & marketing plan is like navigating a ship without any navigation…it will likely end up on the rocks!  At the conclusion of this workshop, you will have a business & marketing plan that will help you navigate your business through the most severe business circumstances.

Purpose & Profitability:

– This 3-day workshop will leave the entrepreneur with a clear understanding of the purpose of being in business and how to achieve a “triple bottom-line”  We will also, delve into the many tools and skill-sets required to launch, build and transfer a successful business endeavor.


Your investment:

Each presentation is priced to fit the needs and budget of each client.  In most cases, the speaking package includes a free coaching consult & a complimentary CVI to all the attendees who with to take advantage of the offers.  I also typically include a workshop as part of my keynote package.