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Printable Worksheets / Handouts:

Business Development:

Simple Planning Worksheet-Sample – This is a one-page example of a simple one page business plan.

Building a Referral Based Business – How do you build referral driven business growth?  Here’s how.

Small Business Check-up – This will help with a quick check up of how your business is doing.

Power Partner Interview Form – Here is a way to leverage your business relationships for mutual benefit.

Personal Leadership:

Wheel of life – Is your life in proper balance?  – This tool will help you see if you need re-balancing.

21 questions for extraordinary goal setting – A good question properly asked will uncover great potential.

Are you sitting too comfortably? – Sometimes we get too set in our ways because it’s safe or comfortable.

Cognitive Distortions List – Sometimes what we see is not really what is real…our “vision” becomes distorted.

Personal Development:

Time Management Assessment