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About Rick:

“My passion is to serve people who are looking for positive change or entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. I love helping business owners maximize their “triple bottom-line” (purpose – passion – profit) and I delight in helping clients break through barriers to higher levels of fulfillment.  It’s vey fulfilling for me and what a blessing it is, to be part of an individuals transformation or to witness a business turn-around.

In life, I have enjoyed success and I have experienced  failure.  I have climbed to the top of the mountain, and I have fallen close to the bottom.  It hurt!  Though my formal education came from the University of Oregon (Finance & Management) & Erickson College (The Art & Science of Coaching), my most advanced degrees are from the “school of hard knocks”.  The refining fire of life has tempered my knowledge into wisdom.  With that wisdom, I have become passionate about sharing what I have learned with those I have the privilege to serve to co-create with. Coaching, Training, and Speaking has been my path and passion zone, which I intend to continue to the end of my productive lifetime.

My experience has been derived through 25 years in Corporate America and over 10 years as a business coach. I am also a principle in 2 profitable companies serving the building industry. This experience has given me a very broad base of skills & tools from which to share with my clients along our journey together.  Yet, I’m still learning and always on a path of continuous improvement and growth.  I am an avid reader and truth seeker, with a keen focus on principle-centered ideas that support success and fulfillment.  Personally, you will find me easy going, insightful and curious.  I love people and I am genuinely fascinated by what inspires and motivates them.

When I am not serving my clients, you will likely find me doing something active.  I am a competitive runner and I love to bike, hike/climb, ski and golf.”

Rick’s Philosophy:

We are more capable than we realize ourselves to be.  Human potential transcends boundaries and borders once we break through our own self-limiting beliefs.  What I have learned from life experience is that we often have “gremlins” that whisper lies into our mind that stop us.  The most insidious lie that we are told is “I am not good enough”.  As we build a life of purpose or a profitable business, we need to be mindful of what foundation we build upon.  The most solid foundations are built on a purpose and passion.  Upon that foundation are the 4 key cornerstones of Identity (who we believe we are), Integrity (alignment to our core values), Intention (knowing what we want and having a plan to accomplish it) and Interdependence (being selective in who we surround ourselves with).

I speak often on the “power of love in the marketplace”.  Not in a romantic, wishy-washy way, but love as one of the most profound elements in creating connection, collaboration and consensus.  Business simply moves forward more swiftly on the positive influences of love than from the fearful energies of competition. People before profit is a core value I hold.

Memberships Rick Belongs to:

International Coaches Federation
National Speakers Association
Rotary International
Building Industry Association