1) Am I spending the majority of my time in my “sweet spot”?

You have unique skills and abilities that comprise your “sweet spot”.  You will be many times more effective operating in your strength-zone. Delegate those tasks outside of your strengths

2) Who is my target customer and how can I get their attention?

You have target customer that relates to and needs your product or service.  How can you penetrate through all of the other marketing noise to get their attention and land your message?

3) What is my “silent message”?

What you wear, how you carry yourself and how you speak carry a strong message about you.  The style, orderliness and cleanliness of your establishment speak volumes about your business.

4) Is there an under-serviced niche that I can leverage?

Is there a weak spot in your competitor’s product or service?  Pay attention!

5) What are the minor changes I can make that will create a BIG impact?

It is the small details that often create the largest impact.  Asking for referrals, treating customers a little more special or adding a small additional feature can pay big dividends.

6) What 10 changes can I make to my product / service that will make it more appealing?

Think!  Continuous improvement not only keeps you ahead of your competition, it keeps your product or service “fresh”.

7) What are some industry “rules” I can violate, or “boxes” I can break out of?

Simply said, breakthroughs exist outside of “the box”.  Get out of there!

8) If I knew I could not fail, what would I attempt?  What am I afraid of?

Fear holds us back.  If you are not fearful part of the time, you’re not pushing yourself.

9) Am I surrounded by enough skill & talent?  Who do I need to attract?

Success in business as in life is largely due to whom we surround ourselves with.  Do an “audit” of who is on your team, cut the “deadwood” and add people who have the skills and talents you need.

10) Do I love what I do?  What needs to change to regain passion & focus?

Passion is the fuel for success.  Get back to what you’re passionate about.

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